I was not going to blog today, but had to share this with you… My friend and assistant on my hypnotherapy Diploma course sent a link to the Albert Ellis Institute blog site through to me this morning and as we had been touching on REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) during the weekend just gone by, it was made very relevant.

Something else Jill said this morning really hit a note with me today; she thanked the students for sharing their vulnerability with her while on the course, because many had really gone through some of the processes themselves in a variety of ways this weekend and I don’t usually stop and think about that as much as I ought to.Thanks on two counts today Jill 🙂

Anyhow, here is A Limerick FOR (REBT-)Lovers

by Haley Elder, M.A.

There once was a doctor named Ellis,
Twas a doctor unlike other fellas,
He came up with a theory
Of what makes us feel dreary,
And anxious and angry and jealous.

Our beliefs, they control how we feel,
Even how much we eat for a meal,
They determine our moods,
Manage our attitudes,
Make us crack or allow us to heal.

So we now shall present the four kinds
Of beliefs that get into our minds,
They will make us feel sick
Like the weight of a brick,
Let’s see what the psychologist finds.

The first one that rears is THE MUST,
With it you will unlikely adjust,
“My boss SHOULDN’T do that!”
And “I MUSTN’T be fat!”
“They all HAVE TO be people I trust!”

You can challenge THE MUST with “Oh, really?”
“Where’s the proof that he HAS TO? You’re silly!”
“Is it written somewhere,”
“That life HAS TO be fair?”
That’s like insisting August be chilly!

Belief Two states life’s pains are THE WORST,
Its discomforts like dying of thirst,
“It’s a 10 on the scale!”
“1-0-1 percent stale!”
“It is clear I am NOTHING but cursed!”

Such thinking is so black or white,
Don’t you still have your health and your sight?
Yes, I’m sure it’s a pain,
But there’s something to gain,
And couldn’t you have greater plight?

The third one—“It’s TOO HARD to bear!”
“I CAN’T STAND all life’s harsh wear and tear!”
“I NEED everyone’s love,”
“Right, left, down, and above!”
“Without comfort, there’s NO way I’ll fare!”

So you think you will cease to survive?
There’s no way you’ll continue to thrive?
If you don’t get what you want,
Will you turn pale and gaunt?
Unfortunate, yes, but let’s strive

To recall what it is that we NEED,
Water, food on which to feed,
And sure, comfort is nice,
It does brings our lives spice,
But death, when we fail to succeed?!

Now the final belief causing trouble
Makes us feel like we’re trapped in a bubble,
When we say that our WORTH
Fluctuates like our girth,
And our failings have turned us to rubble.

Such cures will not come without saying,
Let’s accept ourselves without swaying,
Good deeds do not make us,
And bad ones can’t break us,
Unless upon self we are preying.

So just heed this advice if you choose,
With CAN’T-STAND-ITS you’ll be bound to lose,
Global ratings, no good,
Avoid they MUST, I SHOULD,
Remove AWFUL from words that you use.

I hope that this rhyme clarified
The craziest thoughts our minds hide,
Challenge those that might harm you,
Choose thoughts that will arm you,
Mental health will prevail and preside!