I am in a quandry over my rather paradoxical title in relation to todays blog entry… I am going to talk about what I consider to be a big mistake many hypnotherapists make with their marketing, whilst falling foul of the same thing in writing about it here…

So I spent some time checking out the website of a rather well known and established UK hypnotherapist, who also runs a hypnotherapy training school and I was staggered to see that hypnotherapist doing something that is usually the territory of lay members in this field, to be honest…

When describing his hypnotherapy services he states:

I don’t do what many hypnotherapists do by doing XYZ

About his training school he says:

We don’t do what many hypnotherapy schools do by doing ABC

How pathetic. Who the hell cares what you don’t do?

Firstly, it smacks of desperate insecurity. Are you not confident enough in your own skills and abilities, that you need to point out the so-called errors of others?

I say, why not demonstrate what you do do? Show us what you do! Why not be the embodiment of all that is great about being you without the need to attempt to put “other hypnotherapists” or “other hypnotherapy schools” down? Why the need to sling crap at others? Regardless of how much you believe others are in the wrong, why not just display yourself as the congruent version of who you are and what you believe in.

As Ghandi said “be the change you want to see in the world,” no?

Secondly, why not have a think about what Vidal Sasoon said in their advertising campaign – “if you look good, we all look good” ?? When you attempt to rubbish what others do, you are just tainting the entire field and dragging us all into your shitty muddy waters.

Recently, there has been much petty bickering going on publicly in hypnosis forums and especially on Facebook between some hypnotists and some hypnotherapists sticking their noses in… They all do simply marvellous jobs at pointing out what everyone is doing wrong and what they are saying incorrectly, in their own opinion… It is all incredibly childish and unprofessional.

Many of these people seem to be able to start a fight in an empty house (as Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson hilariously once said about player Dennis Wise) and this business is supposed to be about communication excellence!??

And that is my third point about those comments made earlier “I don’t do what other hypnotherapists do when they do….” That way of communicating is unprofessional. Using what you believe to be limitiations and weaknesses in others is perfect if you are a boxer or military commander… But this is the field of hypnotherapy.

This kind of lame method of selling yourself or marketing yourself, is treating the public like they are fools. Why not let them see this for themselves? Why not be the person they do want to come and see, instead of making other hypnotherapists the people the public won’t want to see?

For the record, you people that do this, make my blood boil… And I think the public can see who and how you are with such pathetic communication. I think it is a big mistake in your marketing. It is healthy to offer up critical analysis, especially if you blog regularly, but blatent putting down of your peers in order to make yourself look somehow superior makes me want to give you one hell of a wedgy.

And so you see, this is the paradox that I find myself in today… My entire drive in to work this morning, I was questioning whether I write such a thing here on my blog today… Because I am doing the very thing I can’t stand… I am pointing out what I believe to be wrong about other hypnotherapists.

It pains me… To fall foul of that which I am foaming at the mouth at today… But I feel much better for it, this has been very cathartic… Aaahh, marvellous. You are a great listener, thanks.