I was delighted to read this morning that hypnosis has been openly and widely discussed as a tool for helping children overcome the effects of child abuse…

In this hypnosis article on the subject at Ocala.com they state:

Teresa Hanks learned helpful information Friday about using hypnosis as a tool to help children overcome trauma in their lives.

“So many people think it’s hokey,” said Hanks. “They do it for 90 days at least two times a week. Even though it’s intense, it can save years of therapy.”

Hanks, who works for Kids Central Inc., attended Friday’s seventh annual Kids Count on Us conference hosted by Kimberly’s Cottage, also known as the Children’s Advocacy Center.

She was pleased with the workshop she had attended about overcoming childhood trauma using hypnosis, presented by Allison Arnold-Wigginton, a licensed mental-health counselor with Ocala Psychiatric Associates.

“Some people are more apt to be put under than others,” Hanks said about hypnosis. “Children are so suggestible. They are so easy to go under hypnosis quickly.”

She said that the therapy, of course, would have to be age appropriate and done by a licensed therapist.

The hypnosis workshop was one of many presented at the conference, which was designed to give social workers information to use in their work with abused and neglected children.

In my experience, children do make excellent hypnotic subjects as they have very vivid imaginations. They have open minds… Though they may not always sit still for too long! So a certain flavour of hypnosis and cleverly used applications are often required.

It really made me smile to see this being discussed in this way and that hypnosis really is finding it’s way into very useful places with fabulous applications.