I highlight these things articles often, but I wanted to write a brief article that had them all in the same place.

If you want to get a good feel for this college and our ethos and what we stand for, then have a read of these articles. They demonstrate so much of what we believe is important for the hypnotherapy field to develop credibly and effectively.

If you are a hypnotherapist, then I highly recommend the investment of 10 minutes of your time to read these articles, they are ram-packed full of useful information even if you do not choose to study with me, they’ll benefit you greatly:

1. Why All Hypnotherapists Need To Know What “Shoshin” Is.

2. Are Hypnotherapists Aware Of The Diversity Within The Field of Hypnotherapy? Is There More Than Erickson vs Elman?

3. Why Are Most Hypnotherapists Unaware of The Stroop Effect and It’s Importance To The Field of Hypnosis?

4. The Cult of Anti-Intellectualism and Ignorance In the Field of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis.

5. Hypnotherapy Training: I’m Frothing at the Mouth About Why Hypnotherapists Need More Advanced Training.

6. Why Prominent Hypnotherapists and Hypnotherapy Training Schools Need To Know How To Take Criticism.

7. Why It Is Dangerous To Tread Water As A Hypnotherapist.

8. Are Hypnotherapists Intelligent Enough To See Both Sides?

9. What Can Hypnotherapists and Hypnosis Professionals Learn From Feuding Hypnotists?

10. Why “Science by Press Release” In The Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Fields Frustrates Me.

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