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College Principal

Adam Eason – Principal College of Hypnosis. Seminars, Courses and Advanced Hypnotherapy Development.

Podcaster / Broadcaster

Adam has been in several broadcasts, TV appearances and Podcasts. Weekly Hypnosis Podcast



Adam Eason has written several books. The latest two books are ‘Scicence Of Self-Hypnosis’ and ‘Hypnosis For Running.

This is the personal blog based website of Adam Eason Hypnotherapist.

6 Ways to Overcome Self-doubt

Self-doubt cripples the careers and lives of so many people. My wife and I put together videos of our family life for each year since having children. We keep them all on discs and they are for our children to be able to see pictures and video clips of how their lives...

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10 Reasons You Should Adopt Minimalist Living

Minimalist living is my theme today. “If you have easy self-contentment, you might have a very, very cheap source of happiness.” - Leon Kass Two things have happened in my life recently that have had a profound impact upon me. Firstly, my family and I spent two weeks...

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Mission ‘Search and Destroy’ as I am Running Again

The main picture here today is of the Arizona Road that Forrest Gump ran down in the film of the same name where by he ran and kept on running and feels highly pertinent to me today, let me explain why..... With my health and fitness, things have changed quite a lot...

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It’s Been Air Show Time Again Here

Each year since having children, I have marched my family down to our beach hut to watch the Bournemouth Air Festival and show for the full event. It has become a bit of a family event that we all look forward to now. I wrote in detail last year about why anyone...

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Ways To Find More Fun in Life

Fun, fun, fun! That is what I’m writing about today! “Even though you're growing up, you should never stop having fun.” – Nina Dobrev Those who have trained with me at my hypnotherapy training college, attended hypnotherapy sessions with me as a client, or attended...

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I’m Back After Our Family Camping Tour De France

Phew. What an amazing fortnight. Last time out here on the blog I wrote about the benefits of having a holiday, and I have written about my love of camping before, as well as the benefits of and my love for family time, so I’m not going to repeat all of those things...

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We are now closed for our Summer Holidays. Our offices will re-open on Tuesday the 29th of August. I'll pick up emails sporadically, so for anything really urgent, email me. I'll probably post a picture or two on Twitter and Instagram. Stay classy.

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