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Adam Eason – Principal College of Hypnosis. Seminars, Courses and Advanced Hypnotherapy Development.

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Adam has been in several broadcasts, TV appearances and Podcasts. Weekly Hypnosis Podcast


Adam Eason has written several books. The latest two books are ‘Scicence Of Self-Hypnosis’ and ‘Hypnosis For Running.

This is the personal blog based website of Adam Eason Hypnotherapist.

Increase Focus: 10 Ways to Stay Focused

Focus and getting focused! This is what I’m writing about this week. One thing I encounter in a variety of ways with my students, hypnotherapy clients, and in particular the hypnotherapists that I mentor is that they have a lot of goals that they wish to achieve....

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Quick Clip of My Weight Lifting Progress This Year

If you read my weekly Adam Up ezine, you’ll know that I have taken up weightlifting. I really enjoy it. I came from an endurance background and as a runner, I had a number of mental skills that stood me in good stead, but heck, it is a whole new world and is testing...

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Use Self-Hypnosis To Advance Your Empathy

Yesterday I wrote about some scientifically validated ways to improve and increase your empathy. The key point I hoped anyone reading would take away, is that empathy is not simply innate, rather it can be developed and skillfully increased. You can read yesterday’s...

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8 Scientific Ways To Improve & Increase Your Empathy

Empathy and how to increase and improve yours is what this article is all about. Empathy is a vital tool for me as a teacher and my experience is what has stimulated me to write this today. I’ll explain….. I have been in the classroom for the past four days. I ran a...

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Using Self-Hypnosis To Boost Memory and Accelerate Learning

Yesterday I wrote about some pretty solid, research backed strategies for boosting memory. (Read that here: 9 Ways To Boost Your memory) In the past, I have written about and have audio programmes that explore and instruct people how to advance memory with specific...

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9 Ways to Boost Your Memory

Do you get a tad forgetful on occasion? Well, that does not necessarily mean that you have a problem with your memory, but your memory might benefit from some improvement. Well, this is not something rare; in fact, the majority of the population today suffers from...

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The Hypnotic Power Breath: For Explosive Strength and Energy

Today, at my gym, I squatted a weight 20kg heavier than my quarterly goal (due end of March, this month!) I set myself at the start of the year, and at the gym’s testing day in 10 days time I think I am going to be lifting much heavier than I thought I would be. It...

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8 Breathing Exercises to Enhance Well-Being

Breathing is something special. Very often, when we take a good look inside, when we spend some time being really mindful, we get to glimpse at how incredible it is to be alive, and to observe ourselves living can be an awe-inspiring and beautiful thing to do. It is...

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