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Adam Eason – Principal College of Hypnosis. Seminars, Courses and Advanced Hypnotherapy Development.

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Adam has been in several broadcasts, TV appearances and Podcasts. Weekly Hypnosis Podcast


Adam Eason has written several books. The latest two books are ‘Scicence Of Self-Hypnosis’ and ‘Hypnosis For Running.

This is the personal blog based website of Adam Eason Hypnotherapist.

9 Ways to Have an Emotional Spring Clean

Last weekend, I very nearly fetched my Geraniums out of the greenhouse where they’ve been hibernating all Winter, but chose to leave them there for a bit longer and I am pleased I did so as we’ve had a couple of frosty mornings since! It is almost Spring and time for...

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The Importance of Quality Family Time

One of the things I wrote about plenty last Summer was how much I loved family time, how much I loved being outdoors and my love for the beach life we enjoy here as a family on the south coast of England. You can have a read of some of our antics here, Beach Life The...

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How to Beat The Monday Blues

It is Monday morning. People have the Monday blues apparently. My newsfeeds are ram packed full of memes about Monday mornings, groaning about going back to work, about how the weekend ended too soon and that they are reaching for the coffee to begrudgingly kick start...

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Using Self-Hypnosis To Love Yourself More

Keeping hot on the trail of Monday and Tuesday’s love inspired blog entries of this week, I wanted to build upon what I wrote and show you how to use self-hypnosis to feel more love for yourself. Firstly, I do recommend you read yesterday’s article How to Love...

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How to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s day. Some are understandably less enthusiastic about this event for a wide number of reasons, but it can leave some people feeling a bit sad or gloomy, especially if they are single or have had relationships break down recently for one reason or...

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How To Be More Loving & Loveable All Year Round

Tomorrow is our chance to be more loving and loveable, isn't it? Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and it represents a great opportunity to go and spend money on cards, flowers, confectionery, meals out and novelty underwear, all in the name of love and romance. Valentine’s...

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Creativity: 8 Brilliant Ways to Increase Yours

Last week, I spent a bit of time focusing on stepping out of one’s comfort zone and had a wonderful response from our readers. The natural progression from that, I think, is to start to be more creative – in relation to the entire landscape of your life, and the way...

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Self-Hypnosis To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This week, I have written about stepping out of your comfort zone and today I wanted to equip you with a tangible tool to help make that happen. As I promised in yesterday’s blog entry, here is a self-hypnosis process to help make it easier to start taking action and...

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7 Steps To Leave Your Comfort Zone

I wrote yesterday that we've all heard that "life begins outside of your comfort zone" or some variation of the phrase. I then wrote about the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone. As I wrote, our comfort zone is what we're accustomed doing. It's those...

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