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How Year End Went Here, Enjoying Christmas According to Your True Values, And The Greatest Speech of All Time

Hello and welcome to my final blog entry of the year. I am going to post this on my personal blog as well as the blog of the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis as it is relevant to both of those. Yes indeed, welcome to the final blog entry of 2014. This time next […]

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Using Self-Hypnosis & Ideomotor Responses To Help Adopt Perfect Running Form

From my hypnosis for running blog….. Following on from yesterday’s post about using imagination to advance our running form, as promised here is a simple step-by-step guide to how to use this kind of mental imagery technique when running. Step One: Firstly practice this repeatedly over and over in your mind prior to doing it […]

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How Is My Mind Helping My Running Form?

From my Hypnosis For Running blog…. The final piece of my recent running evolution has been to examine my running technique. I had formerly seen video footage of myself running and had photos analysed by numerous people as well as spoken to professionals at expo events and in running shops, but never paid a huge […]

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The Hypnotic Effect and Psychological Use of a Heart Rate Monitor When Running

From my Hypnosis for Running blog….. Among the many features of my beloved Garmin 910 GPS running watch is a heart rate monitor function. I have not used a HRM for many years. When they were fairly new and novel I used them, but did not really apply it in a beneficial manner to aid […]

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Getting My Chunky Legs To Feel Light as a Feather When Running Using Self-Hypnosis

From my Hypnosis For Running blog. After a seeming hiatus here on the Hypnosis for Running blog, we are back in action. I shall be running London and Edinburgh marathons in the Spring, then a large ultra marathon in the Summer and will then be running all four Bournemouth marathon festival events in the one […]

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