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“It’s Easy For You To Reduce Weight Because You Run So Much” – WRONG! Could not be more wrong!

This week, I had a conversation with someone, a friend who is struggling to reduce weight and wanted some advice on getting started as a runner. I shared some of my personal and professional thoughts and insights gained from my own experience. He did not take much notice of the useful stuff, instead he was […]

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Voting Day Rapport Dynamics That Influence Us

I have just had a great week away with my family after running the London marathon. It was our first family holiday away since having children and we had a great time together. Having run London marathon, nothing beats cycling around a hilly Centreparcs environment towing two children in a trailer! My legs were loving […]

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Top Ten Psychological Tips For Marathon Race Day

(From my hypnosis for running blog) It is the week of London marathon, one of the world’s largest mass participation events and a true spectacle that I’ll be running once again. Yesterday, I traveled up to London for the expo event and the Excel centre. It is where you pick up your race number and […]

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Enjoying the Simple Stuff and Why A x B = C

The sun was shining beautifully here when I wrote this… The doors of my garden office are opened fully, a gentle breeze sweeps in every now and then and the only sound is me tapping at my keyboard and the bird song or the odd buzzing insect who darts in and out from time to […]

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Using Stoic Negative Visualisation With Self-Hypnosis

Last September, I made a number of key changes in my life. I changed my eating habits greatly, I changed my running regimen greatly compared to previous years (running style, posture etc) and I also chose to stop just paying lip service to the notion of having a life philosophy and properly adopt one. Some […]

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