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Evidence Suggests That Being Materialistic Could Be Making You Unhappy – But Here’s The Antidote to That

I suppose it was probably some cosmic message being sent to me by the Universe to help me balance my chakras and keep my aura untarnished… Yes indeed, a message, a sign, something that I ought not deem a coincidence happened just yesterday…. A piece of research popped up on my blog reader’s feed at […]

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Are Selfies Bad For Mental Health? Do Selfies Indicate Poor Mental Health?

If you have a personal Facebook account, you surely will have have encountered the culmination in this seemingly most popular modern social media trend in existence currently – the selfie. When Barrack Obama, David Cameron and Danish Prime minister Helle Thornig Schmidt posed for a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, you knew selfies had hit […]

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Subliminal Messages & Subliminal Hypnosis Recordings – Do They Work? Is There Any Evidence to Support This Stuff?

I get asked about this a lot. We have discussed this subject in my hub with fellow professionals and I thought I’d relay some of our discussions and the evidence base here on my main hypnosis blog. One of the problems us hypnosis professionals face, is that popular perception often associates hypnosis with subliminal messaging […]

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When recreational drugs, conventional medicine and hypnotherapy collide – Ravers rejoice!

It is not just therapists and the medical profession who have had their interest piqued in recent health news announcements filling the pages of media sources online and in newspapers. No, ravers around the world have been ‘cutting some shapes’ and triumphantly hugging their mates to some hardcore techno music to celebrate the fact that […]

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New Nottingham Forest Manager Stuart Pearce – A Psycho to Aspire To Be Like?

It is an interesting irony that I work in the psychological field and my main sporting hero had the nickname ‘Psycho.’ On my private and personal Facebook account, I posted the fabulous news that my footballing hero Stuart Pearce is about to become the manager of my beloved Nottingham Forest this Summer. The official announcement […]

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