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Using Self-Hypnosis To Derive More Benefit From Your Stretching

From my Hypnosis For Running blog: I have tended to neglect stretching over the years, or rather, I’d sort of do some pathetic attempt at a static stretch at the end of races because everyone else there was doing so, or at the end of a club training session just so that I did not […]

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What Is The Best Way To Start Every Day? Use This Self-Hypnosis Process

Just recently, I was in bed with my two-year old daughter as she had woken early and my wife was out at her boot camp she goes to. We watched a bit of telly together while snuggled up warmly, and we were both dozy and laying under the covers. Then on the Cbeebies channel, the […]

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Wear Hypnotic Compression Gear – Aid Your Run Recovery With Self-Hypnosis!

(From my Hypnosis for Running blog) I cursed myself. I wrote last week and told the world how great my training was going. I got man-flu and a gastric bug the next day and have only run once since. However, I hope to be back on the road tomorrow, am using my jokers left, right […]

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“Why Don’t You Use Hypnosis To Cure Yourself?”

I don’t usually put my ezine articles here on the blog, but so many people have been asking me about this stuff, I thought I’d share this week’s Adam up here on my hypnosis blog too…. This week has been sort of a write-off for me in a number of ways, but primarily because I […]

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Life In The Slow Lane For Me – Running, Self-Hypnosis and in General

I read an article yesterday with a quote that leapt off the page at me, here it is; You may not know this, but I’ve been running marathons for 15 years – I tend to keep quiet about things like that ;-)  Yes indeed, I ran my first marathon back in the year 2000. (I […]

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