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Wear Hypnotic Compression Gear – Aid Your Run Recovery With Self-Hypnosis!

(From my Hypnosis for Running blog) I cursed myself. I wrote last week and told the world how great my training was going. I got man-flu and a gastric bug the next day and have only run once since. However, I hope to be back on the road tomorrow, am using my jokers left, right […]

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“Why Don’t You Use Hypnosis To Cure Yourself?”

I don’t usually put my ezine articles here on the blog, but so many people have been asking me about this stuff, I thought I’d share this week’s Adam up here on my hypnosis blog too…. This week has been sort of a write-off for me in a number of ways, but primarily because I […]

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Life In The Slow Lane For Me – Running, Self-Hypnosis and in General

I read an article yesterday with a quote that leapt off the page at me, here it is; You may not know this, but I’ve been running marathons for 15 years – I tend to keep quiet about things like that ;-)  Yes indeed, I ran my first marathon back in the year 2000. (I […]

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What Does ‘Buloo!’ Mean Adam?

Just a quick and short blog entry here today. To be honest, this is a blog entry that I’ll use as a reference point and send people to, or that they’ll google and find out for themselves the answer to their questions… Because I get asked a particular question often; “what does ‘buloo’ mean at […]

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A Neat Self-Hypnosis Process For Changing Incessant Whining Into Effective Complaining

I wrote about this subject in my zine a couple of weeks ago. One of the things I noticed when I logged into Facebook and twitter over the New Year period was the amount of whining that went on. The sheer volume of people that were writing about how awful 2014 had been was incredible […]

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