Does that seem like a rather grandiose title for today’s blog entry? Well, I think what I’m writing about today warrants such grandiosity.

I rarely do this on the blog, for years I have written blog upon blog with free articles, self-hypnosis strategies, personal development techniques, research backed approaches to living a fulfilling life and then every once in a blue moon, I write a blog entry such as this one, because I am so excited and proud. I wanted to write a blog entry here about our comprehensive membership club for hypnotherapists, and hypnosis students and tell you about it’s a vast level of educational resources. It is something I’m really proud of and thought I’d should about it here on the blog. Last week I recorded and introduction video which you can go and watch here on this page of our new members area.

Our new membership area offers comprehensive training for beginners (novices) with no former experience of hypnosis, right through to advanced level practitioner development for seasoned professionals. Let me explain our initial reasoning for doing this….

My Observations About the Current State of Hypnotherapy Training

At the college I founded two decades ago, we’ve been successfully training hypnotherapists both in the classroom and more recently, online. All of our team here firmly believe that we have a great knowledge about the field of hypnotherapy and what it takes for hypnotherapists to be effective and have a successful career.

Here are a few of our observations that we encounter often and that concern us:

– Many hypnotherapists do their basic training and don’t feel they ever need to learn anymore. They’ve invested time and money in an initial diploma and tend to think that they require nothing more for a successful career. No other mental health professional expects to have a long, successful career based upon such scant training.
– Lack of ongoing development of the highest quality skills and evidence based knowledge means less likelihood of great therapeutic outcomes whereby clients will refer many more clients to you – this is the bedrock of a successful thriving hypnotherapy business.
– Many courses don’t offer help for newly trained hypnotherapists to set up their business and start to find clients.
– Much hypnotherapy training lacks proper business development information, which leads to….
– Many hypnotherapists fail to stay in touch with scientific breakthroughs and important developments being made in the field.
– Many hypnotherapists simply lack income and are therefore short of money for further skills training or career development.
– Many of the hypnotherapy associations and training colleges are not pushing research or educating their members/students about the impressive science base that supports this field.
– All of the above often leads to a lack of confidence and self-esteem which can lead to difficulty promoting own brand and perhaps giving up on the field.

This is such a shame, isn’t it? People with enthusiasm and passion for the field of hypnotherapy end up leaving it because of some very simple things that if implemented could have led to a successful career.

A short while ago, we ran some surveys to Hypnotherapists and Students in our mailing list.  We wanted to know their wants and needs. If you are one of the thousands on our mailing list, you’d have seen these. We got some wonderful and incredibly useful feedback.

We discovered and had verified a few key points from this survey:

– Many hypnotherapists struggled to find really good quality hypnotherapy training in their location.
– When they did find the good stuff, it often would involve a lot of additional traveling and accommodation costs to get to the venue where the course was delivered.
– Many hypnotherapists simply could not afford to invest in the additional training they wanted.
– Many wanted scheduled payment plans for hypnotherapy training programmes.
– Hypnotherapists typically still wanted to be able to work or have interaction with other professionals and fellow students when doing online training.
– When training and developing additional hypnotherapy skill sets and knowledge, they also wanted peer support, a sense of community and a place to go when they had questions and not feel isolated with no-one to turn to once a training has completed.

I could go on with those points, these mentioned above are the key ones that kept cropping up.

As a result we became keen to develop a training membership website that meets every single one of those needs and more.

Put simply – THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE DONE. That’s in capitals and bold because I just got excited.

Attempting to do everything on your own is a challenge – so we want you to grow in confidence with a team that is working for you to succeed.

My aim with the training and continued professional development we offer here has always been to increase the numbers of hypnotherapists who are critical thinkers, evidence-based and keen on developing the field by helping them become better skilled, more knowledgeable, more credible and ultimately to be perceived more favourably by the general public.

Come and join me, develop your business, learn more, become more skilled, just have a read of this page: Inner Circle Membership.

This membership club offers you the depth of training, comprehensive resources and many years of experience and research by myself and our team. We want to help YOU develop and become the best hypnotherapist you know you are capable of being. A shining light in this field and beyond, making waves in the world.

If you visit this page all about this inner circle membership, you’ll be able to read a bit more about my own dedication and commitment to developing this field, and I’d love you to join me on that mission.

The membership has scheduled payment training for all levels, when you see what’s included I think you’ll be surprised at the incredible value and affordability, it includes and comprehensive ongoing support network with regular question and answer webinars with me. There is a large amount of business development training too.

However, what makes it really incredible is the sheer volume of educational materials on offer to help you really rise to the top of your profession. This membership area includes a vast amount of educational tuition for all those who join.

From the very first moment you join, you have access to the video footage of ALL of our online courses. Every member gets full access to video footage of my full hypnotherapy diploma courses, our advanced level diploma courses, our hypnotic coaching coaches, our cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy certification courses, our business development academy courses, plus many additional lectures including our rapid inductions and hypnotic phenomena seminar, the science of Self-Hypnosis seminar, Hypnosis And The Brain lecture: The Psychophysiological and Neuroscientific Perspective, Understanding and Working With Obesity seminar, additional Pain Management masterclass, additional specialist Hypnosis For Sports Seminar, specialist Grief Lecture, specialist Anger Lecture and others. The library of tuition you’ll have access to is incredible.

You’ll have access to all that video footage, hundreds of hours of top class training materials for just £100 plus Vat and then £30 per month. After 30 months, we’ll even give you lifetime access for no further fee. You can cancel anytime you want to if you are not completely satisfied too.

If you then ever wish to take a step further and get the full qualifications and accreditation, then there is a small fee in order to get the manuals, slides, handouts and coursework, along with additional support (such as feedback calls, marking coursework etc) and you can do that too if you ever wish. You can do as many courses as you want.  This is the perfect environment for all CPD ongoing training.

Come and join me, develop your business, learn more, become more skilled, just have a read of this page: Inner Circle Membership.

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