About Adam Eason

Photo of Adam Eason laughingWell, I don’t really know why we call this page ‘About Adam Eason’ — it really should be called ‘About Me’, because it is me that writes it, after all.

About Me

Once I had finished university, I had several psychological and physical health issues that my good friend, mentor, and first hypnotherapist helped me to overcome (you can read about the challenges I overcame in my books, on our Hub or within the members area here on this website— I give better accounts there).

As a result of the seemingly miraculous changes that I encountered, I attended a number of trainings in a variety of psychological subjects and then went on to study hypnotherapy.

The Big Guns

Firstly, I trained with lots of the more famous trainers in the UK and the US, many of whom had virtual celebrity status within the field.  I loved these subjects, I loved the way they made me feel and I learned a great deal. I wanted more depth though, and I wanted more evidence of what we are all capable of. As I stepped back from the well marketed and famed schools, I discovered the academics and researchers of these fields and found even more to love about my chosen field.

Adam was recently our guest speaker at Amersham… to say that people were mesmerised by Adam, sounds like a bit of a pun… but his depth of knowledge and passion for his subject is contagious and I was not alone in being fascinated by Adam’s presentation.”
Peter Roycroft, Internal Communication Strategist, Amersham

I Am A Hypnosis Nerd…

15 years later, I am still working as a full-time hypnotherapist and run one of the busiest hypnotherapist training schools in the UK. I was the first ever hypnotherapist to be on the expert panel for the online health clinics run by TalkHealth in collaboration with NHS Choices.

I have been an accredited and trained supervisor for other hypnotherapists and an accredited, senior member of the largest and most impressive professional hypnotherapy organisations in the UK (membership dating back to 1996) as well as having spent time as Director and complaints officer for one of those organisations.

Throughout the years I have worked with many hundreds of individuals in my private hypnotherapy consulting rooms.

I am quite different from a lot of my professional peers in the hypnotherapy world and admit my imperfections and embrace my foibles… I get over-excited, I stutter frequently, and I say rude words from time to time…

“Adam Eason is a great teacher and advocate of personal development, and his enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject oozes from his presentations. Having seen loads of speakers in the past, I must say Adam came across in a quite different and refreshing way. Great speaker, great presentation … highly recommended.
Jim Tuffin, CEO Biztime Ltd, Southampton

These days, I even run a regular and very well attended hypnosis geek dinner (picture here taken from a recent hypnosis geek dinner) where myself and like-minded individuals eat, drink, be merry and discuss hypnosis in depth. You can read about those evenings and the hypnotherapy support groups I run in the training section of this website or at our Hub.

Today, I am conducting research at my local University for a PhD in the field of hypnosis and I am continually studying and working toward discovering and understanding more about the fields of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, achievement and human capability.

I speak at lots of events and my hypnotherapy training school runs hypnotherapy diploma courses, self-hypnosis seminars and a range of other courses and events around the UK and the rest of the world.

“Adam gave one of the most inspiring and informative presentations to Weybridge Ecademy Club members demystifying hynosis and its use in business. We were very impressed with his knowledge and insight into the human condition. His delivery certainly gave the members food for thought as well as a better understanding of what hynosis is about and what it can do to help you personally and in business. If you are an aspiring stand up comedian, watch out for Adam who enjoys watching you amongst the audience.”

David Nunn, Weybridge Ecademy Club Leader

My Work In The Field Of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Aside from the eBooks I have authored, my first published book, ‘The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis’ is one of the bestselling of all time on that subject at Amazon, and though it has since been superseded with my book ‘The Science of Self-Hypnosis – The Evidence-Based Way to Hypnotise Yourself’, I am still very proud of it. My other 3 published books don’t do as well as those, but heck, you can’t have everything.

My work has featured in international, national and local media, and I have appeared on television on numerous occasions, including my regular position on BBC1′s 2006 prime time TV series, ‘Run For Glory’. I worked alongside Olympic gold medallists Steve Cramm and Sally Gunnell, helping the participants overcome psychological challenges.

In 2008, I featured alongside top TV psychologists on BBC1′s TV show, ‘The Smokehouse’, and helped the participants of the show overcome fears and get motivated to stopping smoking. It was a Ceebeebies show, aimed at 8 year olds, I featured for roughly 15 minutes – I knew I had hit the big time.

My work has featured in several national newspapers and many glossy magazines and I have been on lots of radio programmes as well as other talking heads TV appearances.

Some of my Loves

I live on the south coast of England, very close to the sea. I love running by it, surfing in it, painting it, and holding hands with my wife alongside it. I spend as much time as possible with my wife and our two children. Just thinking about them all while I write this makes me smile.

We have a beach hut on the sea front where we sit out until late during the Summer; the picture here is the view across the bay.

When at home, I spend lots of time in our garden, which is another great love of mine. As well as an array of other vegetables and fruits that we grow, we make Perry cider (a glass of 2011′s is pictured), Damson Vodka, chutneys and preserves from the produce in it.

I grow flowers that you usually find in English cottage gardens, such as foxgloves, lupins, penstemons, antirrhinums and delphiniums and love it when they emerge each year.

Running and I…

I have run many marathons since my first back in 2000.  In April and May 2012, I ran Brighton, London and Milton Keynes marathons back-to-back, in successive weeks and then ran Edinburgh marathon two weeks later (with a firewalk in the middle too). I continue to run numerous marathons each year and some of my own research has focused upon the use of self-hypnosis to advance cardio respiratory endurance in runners. I work with lots of runners professionally, love the running community and have found hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis to be invaluable when advancing running ability and performance. My Hypnosis For Running website is dedicated to the subject.

My book ‘Hypnosis for Running‘ has received some marvellous plaudits (given 5 stars by Running Fitness magazine and rave reviews from a world champion sportsman and a multi-world record holding ultra runner, amongst others) and has enabled me to combine my love of running with hypnosis and other facets of my work.

I run for Bournemouth Athletic Club, and can often be found doing speed intervals at the local track, bombing up and down the zig-zags on the sea front doing hill-runs or running along the various bits of coastline and countryside near my home.

Giggling and Laughter

I like to laugh. I am a big fan of live comedy and spent much of my youth glued to comedy TV shows.  This influences my work as a trainer and as a hypnotherapist.

“Adam is one of the best, if not the best and most entertaining, speakers I have seen at an event. Beneath his lighthearted presentation, of which many a stand-up comic would be proud, Adam shows much depth and passion for research and understanding into the human condition.”

Tom Evans, Author 100 Years of Ermintrude

“I saw Adam speak at the Bournemouth Ecademy and he is excellent, well worth the time invested. He delivers interesting material in a style that reminded me of a top level stand up comedian and it works well.”

James Coakes, The Team Building Company, Ringwood, Hants, UK

Daily Musings…

Well, I say musings — sometimes they can be rantings… If you want to read about what research I am reading, articles I am writing, reviews, commentaries I have on a wide range of subjects, then do read my blog on this website. I contribute to it regularly — all within the fields of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. You might also like to come and join us in the Hypnosis Hub where students past and present from my training school as well as other hypnosis professionals and those with a beginners level of interest discuss, support, network, debate and share our thoughts with each other.

If however, you yearn to hear my voice as well as read my written word, you can listen to archives of old podcasts online and find lots of video footage of me all over the place.

You can also subscribe to my weekly ezine – Adam Up – by entering your details into the boxes on most pages of this site. It includes techniques and approaches for personal development using self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy and features my Joke of the Week!

Get In Touch

As of yet, I do not live in an ivory tower, so I welcome contact from everyone and anyone. Please feel comfortable emailing me from the helpdesk or the contact page on this website. I answer every email personally and always do all I can to be as helpful as possible in as timely a manner as possible — please do not get upset if I refer your technical queries or questions to the technical guys in the team though. They can help you much more than I on that front.

You can also come and track me down at my Facebook page… Watch my hypnosis videos and read my hypnosis blog daily, follow my tweets to learn more about me and how I work.

That’s in my own words, here are some of the many testimonials I have received after my training courses, in other people’s words:

“Having just completed Adam’s 10 Month Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, I can say what a fantastic journey it has been.

I started out with the intention of learning how to use Hypnotherapy to help others, and whilst I have exceeded even my own expectations where this is concerned, it is almost a by product compared to how much I have come to understand myself.

For anyone with an interest in being able to help and support others, or with an even greater wish to understand and appreciate who they are, this course is a must have.

I can only thank Adam and his charismatic style, for opening my eyes to the rich benefits of  Hypnotherapy.

If you do just one thing for yourself this year — let it be this course.”

Alan Herbert, London, UK (pictured above)

“This course prepared me to run my own hypnotherapy business and significantly develop my own skills, and achieve many of my goals.

The course content is inspiring and innovative, as is Adam, however, be warned, major gains mean major effort. Not for the fainthearted or anyone who doesn’t want to have lots of great fun along the way, whatever your age!”

Angela Suggett, Halifax, UK (pictured above)

“After searching for some time for a high quality course in hypnotherapy Adam Eason was recommended to me by a homeopath who had heard Adam speak at a business event. They were so impressed they couldn’t praise Adam highly enough.  When I contacted Adam and was immediately impressed by his professionalism and personable nature so much so I decided this was the course for me.

Adam approaches teaching his course with an infectious enthusiasm, imparting a wealth of information on hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, subjects of which Adam is a cornucopia of knowledge.

Adam delivers this an action packed course (yes, you will be required to get up and get involved) with congruence and integrity, sharing from his vast professional and personal experiences, giving you invaluable skills as both a therapist and as a human being.

As well as giving you a thorough grounding in all the elements to become a skilled hypnotherapist Adam divulges many skills from the world of coaching and NLP which you then put into practise with your classmates making for a highly informative hands on and fun learning environment.

Take note, this course with Adam is life changing. You will be challenged as an individual, and in learning the therapeutic techniques Adam teaches, will discover new and interesting things about yourself, those around you and your interaction with your world.  Over the 10 months of training with Adam I know myself and others on the course experienced wonderful and profound change which is a great way to learn and will allow you to apply the skills learnt all the better with your future clients.”

Jon Abbott, Aukland, New Zealand (pictured above)

“It is rare occurrence to experience people that offer over and above the basics. Well, Adam Eason exceeds all expectations and sets the bar very high. Adam is a powerhouse of skill, knowledge, credibility, insight, energy and fun! If you undertake his Hypnotherapy Diploma, be prepared to have your world rocked.

I looked around to find a course that was rigorous and challenging. I didn’t want a certificate for just being a bum on a seat. I certainly made the right choice.

I left the programme feeling equipped and ready to work with clients. Adam does everything within his power to help you get to where you want. The rest is up to you! If you have a chance to train with Adam, seize it!”

Richard Tyler, Director, BTFI Ltd, Bournemouth, UK (pictured aboved)

“I had been searching for some time for a Hypnotherapy training course that would complement my existing skills when I came across Adams Web site. Immediately I felt he was just the person for me, knowledgable, dynamic, fun and a master of his own craft. I was not disappointed.

From the offset Adam sets the pace which is incredible. I found myself swept along by his enthusiasm and was eager to meet the high standards he sets both for himself and his students. Adam’s course was everything I imagined it would be and more. I was challenged, tested and found out more about myself in 10 months than I had in many years of self reflection.

The environment provided support and encouragement at all times and Adam goes beyond the call of duty with his time to ensure everyone’s needs are met. I have met a  great cross section of people who have become dear friends and to top it off I am now a capable Hypnotherapist with a growing practice. I can’t recommend Adam highly enough.”

Richard Ellis, Therapist, Bournemouth, UK (pictured aboved)

A Note About Testimonials and References:

Despite receiving many testimonials and cards of thanks over the years, I do not include any testimonials from individual hypnotherapy clients on this website. There are those from my courses, seminars and speaking events, but none from individual clients.

Firstly, they are considered unethical and are disallowed by many of the professional organisations that I am a member of.

Secondly, the Advertising Standards Authority require any testimonial to be verifiable and that would conflict with the confidentiality I offer all of my hypnotherapy clients.

As much as I’d love to have them all plastered all over my website — and proudly demonstrate the fact that people choose to write to me in relation to their positive experience here — the hypnotherapy is all about you, and I abide with the code of ethics set out by the organisations I belong to.

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