Self-Hypnosis To Get High? What About Musical Marijuana and Self-Hypnosis?

I have written about it before… I have spoken about it and when I do so, I still get the odd ‘tut’ of disapproval like I am doing something wrong… When I first learned self-hypnosis many years ago before I qualififed as a hypnotherapist, as well as using self-hypnosis for my own professional and personal development, I decided to have some fun with it.

So I’d take myself into a really deep state of hypnosis, which many people find to be a joyful experience at the worst of times, I’d then pop on my very old school headphones that were plugged into an old record player and I’d play an old LP record of the War of the Worlds music whilst giving my mind instructions to entertain me in all manner of psychedelic imagery and uplifting emotional content, all with one brain stimulating aim… To feel high.

It does seem that sometimes the very notion of feeling high, whether it is drugs, alcohol or simply self-created, does make some people tut, so heck, todays blog entry is not for you tutters.

Richard Bandler has his 12 martinis anchor that he talked about on stage, what I refer to today is not massively different.

Despite the fact that there are medical marijuana dispensaries popping up all over the place in California and Colorado in the US, (have you seen the South park episode where Randy gets cancer on purpose just so that he can buy marijuana legally??!!) something that is proving just as popular is called i-doser (in the verb format, ithe process is called i-dosing).

Put simply, i-dosing is whereby a person attempts to achieve a “high” similar to a drug induced high by simply listening to specially-engineered sounds and music. And no it is quite different from the cheap looking back street corner shops marketing legal highs of seeds and salvia divinorum et al… Many profess that this new wave of “digital drug recordings” can simulate the euphoric effects of marijuana, anti-depressant prescription drugs, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine…

I wonder if Pete Doherty has had a go?

I-doser is really just an old drug in a new package though… And breathe easy all you people tutting at todays subject matter, put your copy of the daily mail down for a moment and keep on reading – because it’s not really a drug at all! it is that thing that many a hypnotherapist or self-hypnotist has employed over the years – it is simply the use of binaural beats.

Way back in times when everything was made of wood and cost a groat … Well, in the early 1800s a man named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that if two constant tones were played at slightly different frequencies in each ear, it caused the listener to perceive the sound of a fast-paced beat.

He named this phenomenon “binaural beats,” and then went on to help launch centuries of legitimate research. These days that stuff is almost always subceded by some kind of money-grabbing pseudoscience… Which is a shame.

Now away from the field of hypnosis and self-hypnosis, binaural beats have been employed in therapeutic and clinical settings to research hearing and sleep cycles, as they induce various brain wave states, and also for treating anxiety… This stuff has some legitamacy.

Then that stuff is followed up with some stuff that many would consider dubious or spurious whereby claims are made stating that binaural beats increase dopamine and beta-endorphin production, enhance learning ability, improve sleep cycles, and of course, if you dare hang around in the moderately less clinical or therapeutic forums such as Twitter or Facebook, you’ll discover school kids, college and university students and the ilk all saying that “OMG dude, those beats get you like totally high, they are so kewl.”

You see, I am so street when I want to be. I know my market.Β  πŸ˜‰

There are also more grown-up uses of this; there are companies that create brain devices that offer up flashing images and binarual beats in an all-in-one headset and costs a bit more than just downloading the tracks teens are buying from i-dosing websites….

Still, I am guessing parents may well prefer i-dosing as a drug of choice than actual marijuana, ecstacy or LSD, no? I mean, is it really a drug at all?

My prediction is that in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be reading a lot more about this stuff and what people think in relation to it, the teenage culture, generation after generation is likely to remain obsessed with experimentation of all kinds… i still prefer what you can do with self-hypnosis and an old LP.

Anyway, I am off to record our latest audio programme due for release soon… It is a hypnotic combination of hypnotic language and binarual beats for the teenage market… Have a great day.


Elaine Thompson Thompson

You are now entering my field of expertise….and I can tell you that the frequencies of drugs can be given very precisely but they will only have the desired effect (and that will be minimal) IF the person has already ingested them.
You cannot produce the effect of an artificial drug within the body if it has not been previously taken. You can, however, use anything the the body can produce.
I use these frequencies for helping medical and recreational drug dependant people to come off of the drugs safely and with much lessened side effects.

However, the brain produces many chemicals that will give you a feel good factor and one of the natural chemicals that the brain can make is DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine )…which is a natural hallucinogenic found in plants. There are many more including endorphins and natural pain killers. Morphine like substances can be stimulated in the body, and pain producing chemicals such as ‘Substance P’ can be ‘antidoted’ with great success.

One of the interesting facts within Sound is that Marijuana happens to have the same frequency as Progesterone which is the feel good chemical produced in large amounts by the body when a woman is pregnant.

You may have noticed that the caffeine in coffee can make you jittery if you have too much. The frequency of Caffeine is also the same as Thyroxine, which produces the same effect when you have an overactive thyroid.

With Binaural beats you can produce pretty much anything, if you can be specific enough…….. and that is where my work lies….with absolute precision, focusing on body chemistry and muscles etc.
Emotions work in the same way. If I record your voice when you are talking about a traumatic experience, (and are feeling it) your voice will reflect the EXACT frequencies that were imprinted at the time of trauma,….giving me the key to releasing the said trauma and also enabling me to see just how it has affected the body and produced ill health chemically wise (if that is the case).

There is so much more to be said about the administration of precise sound frequencies….I would be interested in your comments. :o)
Elaine x

Adam Eason

I thoroughly enjoyed that comment Elaine… Though if someone has never taken a particular drug, how will they know if they are not experiencing it the same? πŸ˜‰ I think that argument works both ways.

Your contribution is very much valued and appreciated, thank you.

Elaine Thompson Thompson

If I gave you Strychnine as frequency (334.40 hertz) you would not die or even feel ill, because the poison is not in your body (hopefully! lol).
I assume you are talking about having not taken recreational drugs………and you have given me a conundrum…… can you know if you are NOT experiencing something?…..only if you have experienced it before, and have a frame of reference. :o)

Roger S

So the assertion that binaural beats at the correct delta wave frequency will help stimulate production of Human Growth Hormone is also incorrect?
They certainly seem to enhance learning, and meditation too, according to some studies

Adam Eason

How about referencing the studies you are referring to Roger? And who is making the assertion about binaural beats and HGH? I’ve not seen any such assertions made anywhere…

Elaine Thompson Thompson

Reply To Roger:
HGH is such a long and complex molecule, the exact frequency has not yet been determined EXACTLY (and I havent got time to spend working it all out….. although I could if you paid me enough!) If you look in the Merck index you will see only an approximation in Daltons.
The binaural beats give a blanket effect that cover the given area of the frequency and it can work….although not as sharply as an exact hit would.
Enhanced learning and meditation would benefit from ANY binaural twin frequency with a delta wave formed in the middle….and HGH does not come into the equation.


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