Blog: April, 2010

Going Under The Knife Using Only Hypnosis

At first glance, the scene unfolding around Philippa Plaisted as she lay on the operating table appeared completely in keeping with the setting. To her left stood the surgeon, masked and gowned, with his scalpel raised in the air in readiness. In front of her was the nurse, ready to swab and clean after the […]

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"What does hypnosis feel like?": Survey of 99 Hypnotherapy Clients (1977)

Survey: What Does Hypnosis Feel Like? Brief review of Edmonston’s 1977 survey, by D. Robertson. Thanks to Donald for posting this at the NCH facebook fan page, do go and become a fan for more of this fabulous stuff. In 1977, the hypnotist William Edmonston carried out a survey which attempted to obtain feedback on […]

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A Hypnotherapist Perspective On London Marathon

Well it was my slowest recorded marathon time by over 40 minutes at 4 hours, 28 minutes… Yet this Sunday just gone was the most enjoyable marathon I have run, for many reasons. What a day. The sun shone, a record 36,000 runners took part, the streets were filled with thousands cheering on the runners […]

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Pair of Female Boobs Better At Hypnosis Than Most Hypnotists

I am back after my marathon running on Sunday and will be writing about that later this week when I have all my official photos… For today, here is something I never thought I’d say on my blog… I think a large pair of boobs (female breasts) are better than most hypnotists at taking people […]

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The Mass Hypnosis Attempts In Our Leaders Debates

I watched the second leaders debate last night… And thank goodness the studio that Sky used was better than the 1980s set used by ITV last week! And blimey, who’d have thought it? A couple of weeks ago, I was lamenting the lack of leadership  options as we gear ourselves up for a general election […]

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