Hypnotherapy For Woman With Sexsomnia

We all like to enjoy the benefits of sleeping soundly or like a baby, or even like a log, though how on earth we know what they sleep like beats me… For some, escaping a good nights sleep is problematic to say the least, isn’t it?

then we hear about people who sleep walk, sleep talk, and have terrors or nightmares or sleep apnea… And then there are thos that have sexsomnia…

Sleeping Soundly

So the story popped up on my radar about a young woman who has described her torment coping with a baffling sleep disorder that turns her into a sex addict.

Belle Floor, from Almelo in Holland, masturbates when she is asleep and cannot remember anything the next day. There are several sources reporting this case, but I had to laugh out loud at the UK newspaper, The Sun and it’s headline:

Girl’s a snore-gasm addict

That pun caused me to smirk snobbishly. You can read the full story in the Sun here.

She even set up her own support website six years ago after doctors and psychologists failed to work out what was wrong.

Ms Floor’s condition has already caused the break-up of one relationship and now the school administrator is too embarrassed to let boyfriends stay over, The Sun reports.

She said her ex-boyfriend confronted her about her condition 10 years ago. I mean, you would, wouldn’t you?

Out of the blue one evening he asked me why I played with myself at night,” Ms Floor was quoted as saying.

I denied it because I couldn’t remember ever doing it.”

The ex, in true bloke-ish and seemingly unsypathetic style, took it as a slur on his sexual prowess and eventually they split up.

Ms Floor has tried sex counselling, hypnotherapy and even an EEG brain scan to help cure the sexsomnia… naturally, with her having explored hypnotherapy is the reason I became interested, other than laughing at the Sun’s headlines and finding it a story that is quirky enough to grab attention…

Muscle relaxant drugs helped for a while but she eventually stopped because she did not want to spend the rest of her life on medication. Ms Floor now finds comfort through her website offering advice and support to others who suffer the same condition.

There are no official figures on how many people suffer from sexsomnia but I’ve spoken to hundreds of men and women from all walks of life with the same condition,” she said.

I now have my self-confidence and self esteem back.”

I would be very interested to see how the ratio of men to women that have this disorder… If the vast majority of sufferers are teenage boys, then I’m not going to be able to take it seriously.


Dan Elliott

Hi Adam, fascinating as usual! However, I cannot see why a woman masturbating in her sleep would disturb her partner to the point of separation.

Surely, a well rounded male would (maybe) awaken to the orgasmic movements of his partner and think “aaaah thats nice”.

When I was in the Forces there was a saying: “there are those who do, and then there are liars”.

In other words, masturbation, male or female, is a natural part of life, awake or asleep.

Keep it up (well you know what I mean!)



You guys clearly do not have an interest in looking into about what this woman is going through and you two are clearly not looking at the wider perspective. It stated they were in a long term relationship and the bf found out, questioned her about it. This would then cause strain on the relationship, as he thinks she’s a liar.
How do you think this woman feels about doing this in her sleep, without knowing. It’s not about the act itself, it’s more about what the issue is making her and her partner feel. The partner is feeling that he doesn’t satisfy her and is lying to him, she’s feeling out of control with her own body.
This story is not just about a female masturbating, it’s about having a disorder out of her control… Think if you two masturbated in your sleep constantly, could you go over friends places and stay the night or sleep in the same bed as a girl you’ve just met and feel comfortable? I doubt it.


Hello Anita,

I empathise with and thank you for your comments. I would say though, that on the contrary, the reason for me writing about this woman and mentioning her here is to help see the wider picture… My intention is to champion her efforts in doing all she could to overcome the disabling condition. I found it difficult to empathise with the boyfriend who left her – HE obviously did not look at the wider picture of what she must be suffering and going through. I think much could have been done with advising and educating, so that they could both have understood in more depth.

This is a disorder that very few know or hear about – I was hoping to offer up some insight so that more people were aware of it. My natural style of things – with any disorder, regardless of seriousness – is to have fun whilst discussing it. That makes life worth living for me… For the deep down, staid, stagnant, morbid viewpoint on healthcare in the news, there are other websites that’ll serve people better.

I can’t imagine what she must be going through. I hope her dealing with it continues to develop and she continues to find happiness.

Best wishes to you, A.


I am going through the same thing. I was told about three weeks ago that I have been masterbating in my sleep,I say peolple’ names that I have no emotions for, moaning and saying things about sex in my sleep. I do not recall any of these things when I get up the next day either. I understand where this woman-ms. floors is coming from and it’s not a GOD given gift. I feel as if my body is out of control and there is nothing I can do about it. The worst part is that I just joined the air force and I do not want to be discharged because of something like this. What do I do?


I’d recommend you seek out a professional for advice on your particular condition Heather and also consider looking at the website of the mentioned lady as she offers a huge amount of support and resource.

If you need assistance tracking a professional therapist down, speak to your local GP, and you are also more than welcome to email me privately and I can help you find someone reputable and experienced in your vicinity.

I wish you the very best with it.


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